The Arcade

The Arcade: The singular solution for comprehensive data on the digital games and interactive media market.

The SuperData Arcade is our metrics home. Media is becoming more interactive – and more personal. The Arcade is your guide to understanding and winning in this next great entertainment revolution across digital games research and interactive media intelligence.

Housing all of our gold-standard research on the worldwide digital games market, The Arcade contains insights ranging from high-level trends to granular data on top games. The data represent the world’s most robust and comprehensive quantitative insights on the vast and growing playable media market. With the latest Forecaster feature, access market-level and title-level forecasts to help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • The only cross-platform, point-of-sale data based games KPI portal
  • Gold-standard data on all major titles, markets, and regions
  • Insights from high-level trends to granular KPIs on top games
  • Powerful custom segmentation and reporting
  • Regular updates to keep you on top of the market
  • Guiding the world’s largest publishers in their strategy
  • 24-month outlook for market-level data and 12-month forecasts for titles with the Arcade Forecaster.
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Virtual Reality

The complete picture on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.


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Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Research

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are truly transformative mediums for both engaging consumers and business processes. As part of SuperData’s gold standard research on the digital games and interactive media market, our unique and proprietary XR research covers all aspects of this new technology, from games to healthcare to education applications. Download our XR reports today!

Through both syndicated reports and custom solutions, SuperData’s XR market research equips clients with a full suite of XR offerings. Contact us to learn more about our custom XR research on market and consumer insights.

XR Dimensions: An Unparalleled View into the XR Market

Fresh insights are vital to understanding this dynamic global XR landscape – market sizes and growth, new technologies and applications, as well as shifting consumer groups and sentiments. With coverage of metrics including sales of top VR headsets, software revenue and the overall XR investment landscape, the new SuperData XR Dimensions dashboard provides analytics from drill-down revenue numbers for a single headset to macro trends in XR growth by region or industry vertical.

Dashboard intelligence encompassing industry drivers and KPIs across the virtual, augmented and mixed reality markets.

  • Interactive Dashboard: Intuitive platform that lets users customize data visualizations, probe into granular metrics and export data
  • Market & Investment Trends: Investment and R&D numbers as well as market demand and supply intelligence
  • Sales, Shipment & User Metrics: Hardware and software revenue numbers broken down by platform, region & customer as well as device shipment detail and install base numbers
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SuperData’s First-ever XR Market Intelligence Platform

Read the full XR Dimensions launch post, learn more about key features and more.

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Who’s winning in the global games market, and why.


  • Benchmark against your competitors with monthly digital games data
  • Identify the impact of successful mechanics and strategies
  • Evaluate the performance of companies


  • Hundreds of top games
  • Inherently cross-platform
  • Spending, audience, engagement and more




Effective strategies for success require an accurate definition of your market opportunity.


  • Market sizing and growth for detailed benchmarking of major digital games
  • Identifying areas of opportunity in the interactive media world
  • Evaluating market entry potential


  • PC, Console, MMO, Mobile, Social platform breakouts
  • Detailed spending behavior metrics and market sizing
  • 30 major markets and regions

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Uniquely combine our experience, insights, data and analysis to meet your individual business development needs.


  • Know your digital games and interactive media audience and where they are
  • Identify how to capture and retain new users
  • Stay ahead of trends & evolving interests in games, eSports, virtual reality, etc.


  • In-depth consumer analysis
  • Bespoke research on any market
  • Sentiments, awareness, demographics and more

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